New Home!

Friday evening, I asked my brother to ‘help’ me do ONE thing on the blogspot blog. The ‘Mindless Palinbots Posts’ had become un-manageable, and I wanted to add a scroll box to the blog. Simple, huh?

Saturday, he had the blog converted to a WordPress theme, on his own server!

This new look is much nicer, I think. We’ve been working (thanks MSN!) together for many hours getting to know Themes and WordPress and making things fit.

This blog has many new features, which I hope you will like! If you have any problems, leave a comment on this page, and we’ll get it sorted out!

If you run across any Mindless Posts in your travels through Palinbot Land, do send them! I will add them to the scolling lunacy box! ( contact link at bottom of page, in blue box)

Please update your bookmark, keep coming back and tell your friends! There is always LOTS happening where Sarah and her Palinbots are concerned!

AND >>>>>>>> thanks again to my baby brother! I always knew he’d come in handy some day! (wink)

Miscellaneous Mindless PalinBot Quotes. VERBATIM!

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