Sarah’s Integrity-Free FB page and the Xtian liars who lie there, with her ‘blessings’

Anyone who spends any time on Sarah Palin’s OFFICIAL site, knows it is strictly moderated; any posts that dispute what Sarah or her fans say, is promptly deleted. Even something as simple as a comment pointing out flaws in the ‘birther conspiracy’ will be deleted, while the birther comment will be allowed to remain. There is no doubt that Sarah Palin uses her site to not only spread her own lies, misinformation and scaremongering message, but she also enables her fans to do the same.

If Sarah Palin had the qualities of leadership, if she had any integrity, if she had any interest in the truth, she would ensure that her site doesn’t become the hate filled, conspiracy laden meeting place that it is.

But, she doesn’t. Instead, she encourages it.

Her self -respect — and by extension, her respect for her fans– doesn’t extend to presenting truth. Sarah Palin’s tactics of inciting hatred and tacitly encouraging violence are well known and well documented. Consider this latest slandering of the President, among many others.

Following a US District Court decision, her illiterate Palinbots have seized on yet another ‘offense’ by President Obama; as usual, it is a complete fabrication, in fact, the ‘news’ being reported on Sarah’s OFFICIAL site is contrary to the actual reported story. A fresh conspiracy story making the rounds on Sarah’s OFFICIAL site has to do with a decision by Judge Barbara Carr who ruled that ‘National Prayer Day’ is unconstitutional. In response, the White House has said that the President still intends to issue a proclamation calling for a Day of Prayer.

So, how do the Palinbots interpret this?? They don’t. Here are a few comments from Sarah’s OFFICIAL site.

Joy Groetzinger Whiteman (says) Obama canceling National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer Task
Force will host a
LIVE Webcast TODAY at 6:30 p.m. EST. Visit


Jaylena E. Hanson HuitI can’t say that I am surprised that Pres. Obama took the National Day of Prayer out of the Whitehouse again, but I am still a vast deal more than offended! We are still a Christian nation, whether he wants to believe it or not. I am American, and I am a Christian!! One of many who will continue to pray for our Nation every day.

……… and again

Michelle Dobrovolny Sarah we need to stop Obama he has decided that there will no longer be a “National Day of Prayer” held in May. He doesn’t want to offend anybody. Where was his concern about offending Christians last January when he allowed the Muslims to hold a day of prayer on the capitol grounds? As a Christian American “I am offen…ded.” if you agree copy and paste no matter what religion you are, this country was built on Freedom and prayer

I PM’d Palinbot Joy, telling her that her statement isn’t true; JoyBOT sends me this AP story to ‘prove’ her comment.

I responded, bringing these 2 passages from her own story, to her attention:

A federal judge in Wisconsin ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional Thursday, saying the day amounts to a call for religious action.
U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb wrote that the government can no more enact laws supporting a day of prayer than it can encourage citizens to fast during Ramadan, attend a synagogue or practice magic.
“In fact, it is because the nature of prayer is so personal and can have such a powerful effect on a community that the government may not use its authority to try to influence an individual’s decision whether and when to pray,” Crabb wrote.


President Barack Obama’s administration has countered that the statute simply acknowledges the role of religion in the United States. Obama issued a proclamation last year but did not hold public events with religious leaders as former President George W. Bush had done.
Crabb wrote that her ruling shouldn’t be considered a bar to any prayer days until all appeals are exhausted. U.S. Justice Department attorneys who represented the federal government in the case were reviewing the ruling Thursday afternoon, agency spokesman Charles Miller said. He declined further comment.
Obama spokesman Matt Lehrich said in an e-mail to The Associated Press the president still plans to issue a proclamation for the next prayer day.
“As he did last year, President Obama intends to recognize a National Day of Prayer,” Lehrich said.

When I point out to JoyBOT that her own story contradicts what she is saying so she must be either illiterate or a liar, she responds that she was ‘quoting Glen Beck and FOX’ .. so she hadn’t even read the story that she herself sent me, the story that contradicts Beck and FOX ….. She chooses to be, as most Palinbots are, willingly ignorant!

She doesn’t care that it’s a LIE. All she cares about, is that this lie makes President Obama look bad, and therefore, as a good Christian, she CHOOSES to keep lying!

There is such rich irony here, though Palinbots are too self-righteous to see it: A Christian, knowingly lying about a prayer day being cancelled, so that she pretend that she is offended as devout Christian.

When I asked JaylenaBOT why she was posting a lie about President Obama, she responded:

Jaylena E. Hanson Huit April 16 at 1:25pm Report

Who are you to tell me what to post on my wall? I don’t even know you!

AHHHHHHHHH JaylenaBOT … but we ‘know’ you, don’t we?

You are one of those ‘good Christians’ who see nothing wrong in LYING and SLANDERING someone you hate!!! You are one of those ‘good Christians’ whose hate for the President overrides your ‘Christian values’ if it suits your purpose.

So yes, I do ‘know you’ JaylenaBOT, you are a disgusting human being, not only because you have hate in your heart, but because you base that hate on a lie that you yourself propagate.

Which brings me to silly Linda, who shares a ‘true story’ on Sarah’s OFFICIAL site.

Linda Roark (says) Two elderly women in a Georgia nursing home were crying together last night. “We just found out that our President wants to kill us,” they told the nurse. She tried to reassure them, that even if that were true, it would not be implemented anytime soon. “Well, we know that, but how do you think it would make you fee…l to be told you are useless!” (This is a true story.)

So, Linda, being the clueless Palinbot that she is, thinks this story illustrates some sort of failure on President Obama’s part. She isn’t intelligent enough to connect the dots from this ‘fear’ back to Palin’s lies, and the very site that Palin used to plant this fear into vulnerable people.

Here is how your story really goes, Linda.

1- Sarah lies about death panels, scaring old people into thinking they will be considered ‘useless’ and have to face ‘Government Death panels’

2- Old people, believe that Palin is telling the truth, which we ALL know she isn’t. Isn’t the “Death Panel’ lie what earned Palin the Award for the “Biggest Lie of 2009″ ??

3- Linda makes up a story about scared old people …. scared because they believe Sarah’s lie.

4- Linda thinks that ‘proves’ that President Obama is responsible for scaring old people! She is too full of hate and ignorance to see/admit that if there is fear of Death Panels, these fears come from Sarah Palin, not President Obama.

One last example of the garbage Sarah Palin encourages on her OFFICIAL site.
Ellen HerrI have to share what I read in my local newspaper-I hope you read this comment Sarah-very very important-I read an article about Michelle Obama traveling in Mexico-this is what she said to a group of children in Mexico City-this tells it all! I quote, “Addressing some 2,000 invited high school and college students at …Universidad Iberoamericana, Obama said ‘ordinary citizens must step up to help governments and world leaders solve everything from poverty and hunger to climate change and extremism.’”

Well, that says it all-the opposite of what most Americans believe-government is there to serve the people but Michelle quoted the exact opposite. Pass this quote around-its an eye opener!

Actually, EllenBot, what “it really says”, is that YOU area misquoting the First Lady, so that you can go on a Rant of Outrage, is an out and out LIE.
I sent this Palinbot the actual quote from Mrs Obama’s speech, which reads:
” … But leaders and governments can’t shoulder this responsibility alone. Ordinary citizens must share the responsibility as well — and that includes young people.”
Full text of speech here. Admittedly, Mrs Obama’s speech isn’t the incoherent RAH! RAH! Guns! Religion! Fight! that Palinbots are used to, so EllenBOT Herr probably couldn’t understand it if she DID read it … so I PM’d her the actual quote. Not surprisingly, EllenBOT chose to ignore the facts, since her hate and ignorance rule her. I doubt EllenBOT ever learned about ‘quoting’ and ‘sourcing’ and all that English/Standards of Writing stuff … so she doesn’t realize that she is showing her ignorance …
OH IF ONLY STUPIDITY HURT!!!! Then people like the above mentioned Palinbots would KNOW they are stupid!
Sarah Palin is a liar. She lies herself and she lies by proxy on her OFFICIAL site. She allows lies, conspiracies and hateful speech to flourish on her site and in her name.
Her fans are consumed by so much hate, so much ignorance that they can’t see straight. They revel in their ignorance.
Sarah Palin might think that she is immune to the consequences of what can be seen on her site and at her rallies; she should know that there are many people watching as she sinks lower and lower.

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